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Hello. I’m glad you found me!

This page links out to all of my sites & projects on the world wide web.

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KeithMichaelJohnson.com: Educational shows for elementary schools, libraries, museums etc in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts & southern New Hampshire. Performances touring this year: Wild About Weather; Science Isn’t Always Pretty; Bubbleology; Mad About Math.

BubbleArtist.com: BUBBLEOLOGY shows for venues across America. Also International Consulting & Soap Bubble Wrangling services for film, TV, print media, inventors & others.

SoapBubbler.com: Helpful tips and tricks for people interested in bubble play and performance.

UncleBubble.us: Wonderful manufacturer of high quality soap bubble solutions and toys, both of which I use in my shows. In fact, I’m such a fan that they’ve asked me to do product R&D and act as Brand Ambassador here in the USA!


KeithMichaelJohnson.com @ Facebook
BUBBLE Adventures @ Facebook


Bubble Videos: YouTube
Educational Show Videos: YouTube
Keith Michael Johnson

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Clients in RI, CT & MA:
After thirty years of performing curriculum-centered, humor-based educational shows for your Schools, Libraries, Theaters, Festivals, Museums & every imaginable kind of all-ages events I'm still having fun!

Visit for more info about these shows:

Wild about Weather, Bubbleology, Mad About Math, Science Isn't Always Pretty. Visit: www.keithmichaeljohnson.com

3 KMJ - 7.5.2011 Bubbleology  C.U. 7836 (1)


Soap Bubble Shows and Professional Services for National and International clients.
• Performances for Science & Engineering Festivals, Theaters, Museums, Corporate events and Civic Celebrations.
• Consulting & Bubble Wrangling Services: Commercials, TV shows, music videos & print work, fashion ads, manufacturing, marketing, promotions & etc.

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